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You want to make a link exchange?

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Insert this code on your website, then contact me to get a link to your website! It help us to get more visitors! That’s cool to share! 🙂

1) Insert http://www.knight-armor.com link on your website. The anchor (keywords) should be “Knights Armor Medieval Shop”
2) Insert my banner linking to http://www.knights-armor.com on your website with the anchor “Knights Armor Medieval Shop”
3) Simply copy paste the HTML code bellow or follow the instructions here : http://knights-armor.com/cms.php?id_cms=6&id_lang=1 :

<a href=”http://www.knights-armor.com/&#8221; target=”_blank” title=”Knights Armor Medieval Shop”><img src=”http://www.knights-armor.com/modules/editorial/homepage_logo.jpg&#8221; title=”Knights Armor Medieval Shop”></a>

<br><a title=”http://www.Knights-Armor.com&#8221; href=”http://www.Knights-Armor.com “><span>www.Knights-Armor.com Medieval Shop</span> <br /></a>

It will look like this :

Knights Armor – the Medieval Shop for reenactors

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Which words would you type to find a medieval shop on the Internet?

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Please, suggest words by adding a comment : )

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“You are fucking gladiators !!!” – Batiatus.

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Bohurt Folleville 2011 – helmet camera

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I made this video of my fights during the bohurt tournament of Folleville in France last week end.


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So romantic : ))

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